Innovative Slab Leak Inspection Services from the #1 Water Leak Detection Company in Camarillo Detects Problems Fast!

Do you know the signs of a water leak? Most people site water stains on walls or puddles on the floor as strong indications that a problem exists. For many water leaks these are the types of signs to keep an eye out for, but what about concealed water leaks? These are the problems that can plague a property and cost a homeowner hundreds of dollars if they are not caught right away. Slab leaks and other below ground leaks like ruptured sewer lines and broken water lines in the yard can exist for a long time before they make their presence known.

At My Camarillo Plumber Hero, our main objection as the leading water leak detection service in Camarillo, California is to seek out these hidden culprits and making repairs before a major problem ensues.

Slab Leaks 101

Most people have heard the term “slab leak” before, but fail to understand exactly what it means for their property and their wallets. A slab leak happens when the piping beneath the concrete foundation of a home develops a leak. The piping may have broken down due to age, deterioration, or it may have been installed wrong leading to malfunction. As water leaks from the pipe it begins to create problems for the property’s foundation. If caught early the damage can be minimal. But when slab leaks are left to run amok for long periods of time the damage to a property can be quite catastrophic leading to expensive foundation and other structural repairs.

How We Detect Leaks

The problem with concealed leaks that exist below ground is that they can be hard to detect by a simple, routine inspection by the naked eye. Sure. There are tell-tale signs of a slab leak like expensive water bills, hot spots on the floor, cracks and fissures in the foundation walls and flooring as well as the sound of rushing water through the walls, but these signs usually emerge after the leak has been present for some time.

At My Camarillo Plumber Hero, we use electronic equipment to search for underground leaks. This method is cost-effective and highly accurate. To learn more about our state-of-the-art leak detection services, give us a call today and schedule an appointment with one of our certified contractors.